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La Porte-Bayshore

Photo by TXDOT


Little did the citizens of the sleepy bayside village of La Porte dream that one day their town would be site of the San Jacinto Monument and Museum. Established on the northwest shore of Trinity Bay in 1892, La Port (French for “door”) grew slowly over the next twenty years until disaster struck. In 1915, La Porte suffered major hurricane damage and a fire destroyed the entire downtown business district. Revived by the 1920’s, La Porte received its first national attention courtesy of its Sylvan Beach Amusement Park where big bands like Rudy Valle and Benny Goodman performed. The community’s connection to Baytown, via a tunnel in 1954, increased its likelihood of continued growth and soon the presence of the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center nearby helped La Porte expand. Today, La Porte serves as part of the greater Houston area just as many other satellite communities do in the surrounding region. But La Porte has one thing that other communities do not. The community hosts the San Jacinto Monument and Museum, a commemoration of the state’s final conflict in its fight for freedom.