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The history of Pearland began in 1861 with a grant of land applied for by the Houston, Tap and Brazoria Railroad Company. The Railroad Company, already in operation when the Civil War began, was chartered on September 1856, to run from Houston to Columbia in Brazoria County. Its physical condition at the end of the War was such that its owners abandoned it, and on February 3, 1869 it was sold under judgments in Harris and Galveston counties to W.J. Hutchins of Houston. By then the H.T. & B.R.R. had become unsafe to operate, and the only service available was a light car drawn by a mule, the driver of which kept the small fare collected for his services and the mule’s feed. On July 21, 1871, Masterson & Wagley, acting for the owners of the International–Great Northern Railroad Company, bought the H.T. & B.R.R. at a public sale. Later, an arrangement between the International-Great Northern and the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railroad companies set the ground for Pearland’s growth.

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